Long Distance Relationship Advice

I've moved to Providence about two months ago.  Before I left, I started talking to this girl, and she's awesome...I think the feelings are mutual, but I'm not sure...and I'm too shy to ask.  How can I without being too straightforward?  And if she does like me...is it too far?  Or do you think that it'll work? She's two hours away....

My Reply:

1- Too shy to ask: May I suggest you continue to just get to know her then? And when the time is right, when either of you feels confident enough to ask about or mention feelings, then ask. But let your goal be to get to know each other well...take your time and use it as a chance to become more familiar with each other.
2- Too far? (2 hours away): I was talking with a friend the other day about this same situation, really. And I reminded him that before my wife and I were married, she lived 17+ hours away by plane…and today we’re married!  So yeah, I'm a believer of long-distance relationships.
How can it work? You communicate through phone, text messaging, internet (chat, voice chat, video chat), send stuff through the mail…and 2 hours away isn't bad...you can still visit at least a few times a month.

So I suggest: take your time, have hope, and work towards it.
---Pastor Andy
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