Rush Limbaugh and Conservative Christians

Question: Does radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh speak for most conservative Christians?

My Reply:
No, he speaks for himself. Try to remember...Rush is a radio personality...that means he's a ratings-digger first, before he's anything. Rush is also a controversial personality, so if he's going to blow something out of proportion, he needs to side with somebody...he can't be an independent because it wouldn't amount to anything otherwise. Honestly, if it didn't help him out financially, it wouldn't go any further than his news reporter's copy.
Remember also that many Republicans, though they may be conservative in their stances on the country, aren't very conservative in their Christianity.  I think Romans 13:1-7 speaks well on this.  Also, check out my blog for a post on this.

Anyway, as for me, I'm "conservative" in the sense of not being liberal in my Christian faith...and Rush Limbaugh definitely does NOT speak for me.
---Pastor Andy

Hey, on that note, I saw Rush Limbaugh on William Shatner's "Raw Nerve" TV show one night, and they got onto the topic of what it means to be a Conservative.  Check it out here on YouTube.  Also, check out some of these other resources on Rush and Conservatives:


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