Why do you think many people in the world are more threatened by Christianity than Islam?

Radical Islam has declared Jihad on the West, Israel and Europe, has enslaved women, beheaded the innocent or infidel, and has declared Honor Killings and Sharia Law as the law of Islam.  Now, many Muslims are wonderful people, yet most of the terrorism in the world we see is a Radical form of the Islamic Faith....YET....the world is more concerned about ridding the Christian faith and the teachings of Jesus Christ (GOD), who came to earth in the flesh of MAN, the SON of GOD to bring Peace, Redemption and Salvation to the world.

The HOLY BIBLE even speaks of Demons on the Earth in the LAST DAYS before Jesus returns, running the world into the Ground of evil and dis-obedience of the one true living GOD, and the only thing that makes them *TREMBLE* is the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST....JAMES 2:19-You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that—and shudder.

My Reply:
I think the term you used, "Radical" Islamics, could be a part of it, since then the finger can be pointed to a small group and say, "it's just them, not us." I also think more people are familiar with Christianity than they are with Islam, so being a mystery religion, it's easier for Muslims and others to make Islam look like the victim, or to mislead people into believing it's a pure religion that only focus' on peace and submission to God (even though it's not).

The Bible tells us that false prophets and teachers will come from all around, and their messages will be sweet to the taste, even turning strong Christian believers away from the Lord. And since the flesh is at war with the Spirit, and the Spirit is connected with Christ, it's only natural that anything of the flesh should see anything of the Spirit as a threat.

If you'd like some more resources on Islam, Christianity, and witnessing to Muslims, then I'd suggest "Persecution.com, also known as "Voices of the Martyrs".  Otherwise, please feel free to check out some of the links below.

---Pastor Andy

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