Why turn the other cheek?

I think if the child you love was to hit you on the cheek, you will not hit him back. You will try to understand what hurts him so much that he has to hurt you to feel better. You will tell him 'if you have to hit me to feel better, keep doing it'. Hence turning the other cheek is the way of love towards humanity. What do you think?

 My Reply:
Eh, sorta, but not really.  Here's an example: Abraham Lincoln once said that the best way to destroy your enemies is to make them your friends. 
When somebody strikes you, you don't want to invite them to keep hitting you. But if you retaliate in violence, then you've made matters worse, especially if they are another member in the Body of Christ (the Church).  Jesus commanded us to love one another as He loved/loves us, and to make every effort to be at peace with one another.  By turning the other cheek, versus exacting revenge, we're obeying these commands, as well as promoting the possibility of gaining a new friend (or brother).

---Pastor Andy