I believe in Jesus and God, but I also make a lot of sins


My parents don’t go to church, so then I can’t (not SO I cant) but they just don’t go, but they believe.  I tend to sin a lot (never stolen anything, or killed a human, but I tend to lie but I try not to).  I pray a lot and ask for forgiveness.  I’m only 15. Is there a big chance that I go to hell?  I just get worried sometimes.

My Reply:
In the Bible, we're told of a woman who was literally caught in the act of adultery, being brought to Jesus for judgment. After Jesus shamed her accusers, He forgave the woman for her sin. But we have to remember what He said after that: "Go, and sin no more." In other words, I've forgiven you for this sin, now stop doing it.
Liars are not good representations of Jesus, are they? Then stop doing it...don't try to stop...stop!
As for church, I can understand being a Christian and not going to church, but Jesus did call us to be a Christian community, united in Him. If you're not going to church, are you at least meeting with other Christians to worship as a united community?  You need to find a church and get involved. Among the great many things, they also serve to keep us in check, help us from sinning, and support in prayer. Talk to your parents and tell them that you all need to go to a church. It could be near home or a little distance, but you really should go (use Acts 2 if you need).
---Pastor Andy
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