Recommendations for a book for bible study?


I'm looking for something that has scripture and maybe questions for discussion. We're a bunch of 20-25 year old girls who meet once a week. Thanks for you help!

My Reply:
In terms of books in the Bible:
My wife & I went through the book of Joshua (Bible), which is a great book for young leaders, teaches to consult the Lord before every big decision, and fulfillments of promises. It also ends with a great note.

Judges was a fun one, also, for in it, God calls several different people (and different kings of people) to serve Him and rescue His people. It also explains that throughout most of the time then, there was no king and so everybody did as they thought was right. So it's a good comparison with issues of the world/Church today.

1 Corinthians seems to touch on many issues that are great discussion-starters, for it talks about problems within the walls of the Church, and among its people. It starts with conflict, goes into bad representation of God, talks about death and resurrection, and even how to worship (or how not to).
(feel free to email me...I've written a Bible Study for it I'd be happy to email, no strings).

Non-Bible books:
-Max Lucado: "Facing Your Giants"
-Gary Chapman: "The 5 Love Languages"
-Lee Strobel: "The Case For..." (faith, Christ, Easter, Christmas...)
-"Influencing Like Jesus"

---Pastor Andy