Dream Translation Needed


I had a religious dream and wondered if you could help me understanding it?  Now first, I am not very old, I'm still a teenager and God is my number one priority.  Here's the dream
I was in my youth group at church and then one of the youth group members just turned away from the Christian faith just a couple of days before the Antichrist came. I heard the 7 trumpets and I knew that it was time for everyone to ascend to heaven. I saw everyone in my youth group in heaven except that one person. I pleaded with God to bring that one person up into heaven but then me and God got into a little argument. Then God said I had the option of going back to earth, so I said I'd go back and suffer with that one person so that he wouldn't have to suffer alone. When I went back it was literally a living hell. And then it just cut off and I woke up.

Some people have suggested that it could be a premonition of what I'm destined to do, but when I told it to my church, they said that I have a pure soul and that it's not a premonition but more of the idea of what the dream was based on.  So can you tell me why God would give me this dream?

My Reply:
Hey Mike, that is an interesting dream you had.  I thought I'd pray first before trying to answer this.  Now, that doesn't mean I'm right, but either way, I would like to suggest you explore these possibilities...OK, so here's is what I'm seeing:
  1. I believe the Lord has revealed to me that He will return in my lifetime (I'm 38 now). So He may be revealing this part to you also. In other words, time's short...He's coming soon.
  2. The Lord may have revealed to you somebody in your youth group who's struggling with his faith, or sin, and needs a brother in Christ to help him in his walk. But don't delay because of #1.
  3. In Revelation 8 and 9, the 7 trumpets sound off the beginning of God's wrath upon those who are not caught up in the rapture - those continue to put off repenting and accepting Jesus.  Many of us have loved ones who have not accepted Jesus Christ, and it's tough to accept the fact that they won't be with us in Heaven. So your arguing with God may be revealing a difficulty you're having with this...the arguing was your wrestling with God and your faith with the fact of some people you know not being saved.
  4. Going back to suffering with that friend. I'd compare this with what I said in #2...sometimes walking with a brother or sister in Christ can include suffering with them. The Lord also may be revealing that this friend of yours is currently struggling with sin and/or enduring a living hell, all the more reason for him/her leaving the faith, and needing somebody (or somebodies) to walk with them in their suffering.

You sound like a good friend, and you've got an awesome heart for the suffering. I'd suggest you pray for this friend and ask the Lord how you can be the Christian Brother that this friend needs. But remember also, time is short, so don't delay.
---Pastor Andy
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