Question About Salvation

Question: why is it called being "saved" when you find God? Shouldn't it be called getting brainwashed or tricked?

My Reply:
It's not brainwashing or trickery, for we really are being saved.  Let me see if I can explain:
Theologically-speaking, salvation is said to have 2 tenses..."already" and "not yet".
When we accept and acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, we become His. And as God's, we're "saved" from damnation to come we have our reservations. But it's also an entrance into God's family, now. Although we're not saved from struggles here on earth in this life.
So we're already saved, but not yet entered into final salvation, which takes place after we die in this life.
It's like, you're in shark-infested water. You swim to the boat and you're saved from the sharks, but you're "not yet" on the land.

---Pastor Andy
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