Justification for Martin Luther

Question: What makes protestant reformation right?  For a long time I was protestant.  But as I came closer to God, I realized that there must be a better, deeper faith in Him.  A few years ago, I became Catholic, but all my protestant friends and family disapproved.  What I want to know is what justifications are there for people such as Luther, King Henry, Calvin, etc. for leaving the Catholic Church?

My Reply:
Your family and friends may be upset because they see Catholic as a step backwards, since the Catholic Church often promotes their system on icons, outer deeds, and not reading the Bible.

To understand the reformists, I believe you need to know the history of Luther. In a nutshell, Luther never intended to leave the Catholic Church, nor did he intend to begin a denomination, church, or even a movement. 
Luther was a Catholic monk who saw many crimes being committed within the Catholic Church under the leadership of that current Pope (one for instance, purgatory).  In those days, the front wooden doors to the church were the community bulletin board, and also where Luther posted his (95) arguments, known as Luther's 95 thesis.
Luther's hopes were for these crimes and blasphemous practices to stop, thus causing the Church to repent and become holy again. But instead, the Church had him arrested and put him on trial as a heretic. In fact, if it hadn't been for his friends in high places, the Church would've had Luther killed, as they did many more before him.
Now keep in mind, Luther never intended for a split from the Catholic Church. In fact, I would suggest that God put the passion into Luther to challenge the Church, or as was the work of the prophets of old, to call God's people back to Himself.  But as for the other reformers, Luther's situation and stances opened up a door for them all to run through, such as John Adams, John Calvin, etc...

In terms of your need to worship Jesus fuller and deeper, keep in mind that the basis and foundation of Christianity is not which Christian church you're attending or how many rituals you participate in, but the depth of your relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  Some suggestions for deepening your relationship with Him are fasting, regular and continuous prayer, getting involved with a small group, personal quiet times, Bible study, group prayer, and/or just spending personal time with Him.  You may also find that talking about Him with others (witnessing, evangelizing, preaching, teaching others about what you read/learned in your personal Bible study, or just simply talking about Him) boosts your excitement in your relationship with Him.

Finally, in terms of your friends and family, I know a lot of Catholics who know Jesus well. If that's where the Lord has sent you to better worship Him, then that's where you need to be. I think that once your family and friends see that, they'll lay off and support you, too.
---Pastor Andy

(For more on the reformation and what led to it, click on the caption below the picture).
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