Liars or Not-Liars, that is the question.

Question:  If a chicken says, "All chickens are liars", is the chicken telling the truth?

My Reply:
Lol, this question reminds me of a song from Henry Rollins called "Liar". At the end he says, "I'm a liar, and I'll keep on lying...I promise." That makes my brain hurt trying to figure out, lol, but it's similar to your question, and still twists my brain around like a pretzel.

I'll say no, the chicken's not telling the truth.
I say this because truth's not relative. But the comment that the chicken's giving is a relative term (or an opinion).
It's like when somebody says that all people are liars. Not everybody lies, but because that person only knows liars, he assumes that everybody lies.
So what if the chicken is basing his assumption on what he knows, versus the truth? And since the chicken believes enough to say that all chickens are liars, his mind is made up, and so by not willing to believe otherwise, he closes off any other options or chances of hearing the truth, since it would be otherwise to his opinion, or relativity to the truth. :)

---Pastor Andy
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