Unsure of God's Existence

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Question: I don't know if I believe in God.  I mean is there any proof?  And if there is one, how come so many bad things happen in life like war death and disease???

My Reply:
You have a very valid, and common question.  But the answer is actually a lot easier to find than you'd think.
Honestly, I would suggest you ask God Himself if He exists...no, really!  I mean you've got to figure, if God does exist, then He'd be listening, right?
So how should you talk to God, or ask God if He exists?  I would suggest just starting off saying, "God?" and repeat everything you said in this question..."God, I don't know if I believe in you..." and go on with that.  You could even turn it into a long conversation about what brought on your question, or everything that causes you to question Him, or just anything on your mind.  I know it sounds crazy, and you may even feel stupid doing it, but it can't hurt to try, and if He does exist, then He should answer you somehow, right?  This is a huge jump of faith, but I wouldn't suggest it if I didn't believe He'd answer.  In fact, the Bible tells of a little guy named Gideon who had a very similar question to yours, actually.  With everything going on in the world and Israel, Gideon wondered if God even existed, and if He did, then why all the suffering.  So when an angel of the Lord appeared to him and told him that God had something great for him to do, Gideon boldly questioned him, and threw out some tests for proof.  In the first test, Gideon slept on a skin of wool and asked that the morning dew might moisten the wool and keep everything else around him dry. Then for the next night, Gideon asked for everything else to be wet from dew, but not the wool. God did both, and Gideon was convinced.
I think people ask God for proof of His existence all the time.  But when they don't get the answer they were hoping for, or in the time frame they were expecting, they conclude He doesn't exist.  God may answer in the way that Gideon asked, or He may throw out something similar enough to catch your attention and prompt what I call an "Ahhhh" moment.
So check out the story about Gideon (click on the link in blue if you don't have a Bible), then ask God about everything.  Feel free to ask for proof, understanding, and everything that's on your mind in your confusion about God. (God created everything that exists...no question is too big to ask).  But then, be sure to keep your eyes open for signs and answers.
---Pastor Andy
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