Valentine's Day Tattoo?

I was thinking of surprising my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day by getting a tattoo of his name on my body, but I don’t know where on my body I should get it.  I know a lot of girls that get it on their lower back or boobs, but I know getting it on the back makes it a tramp stamp, and I want it somewhere I can hide it easily so his mom won’t see because she does not support our relationship.  We have been together for almost seven years and plan on getting married soon, but for financial reasons, we can’t.  So I wanna surprise him.  Do you think it’s a good idea, and where on my body should I get it?

My Reply:
So you've been with your boyfriend for 7 years, his mom doesn't approve of your relationship, and he promises you'll get married as soon as he has the cash, right?  Might I suggest that before you get a tattoo of your boyfriend's name, you wait until he's your husband?  Because if for some reason you two should break up one day, you're stuck with his name on your body (unless every boyfriend after him has the same name).
Why not get him some balloons, bake a cake, buy some video games (or all 3) instead? Give him a massage? Or if you really want to wear his name on your body, try matching T-shirts, charms on a necklace, rings, or something else matching. Remember, tattoos were created with the same purpose as last forever. So I would suggest sealing the deal with the relationship before the skin art.

---Pastor Andy