Why don't Atheists believe in God?

Why do atheists say that religion has to much faith when it takes more faith to believe that there is no god whatsoever and that everything is an accident and that a "big boom" came out of nowhere.

My Reply:
Most atheists aren't disbelieving in God because of faith (or lack of). Most atheists (whom I've talked with and/or listened to) don't believe in God because of pain, and anger that comes from this pain.
I think everybody either does or wants to believe in something, but when they're hurt, and people tell them that they should go to the place that just happens to be the place that hurt them in the first place (church, Christians, religious organizations, faith in God, etc.), they push away because they don't want to be hurt again, or because the previous pain has never healed.  And who wants to believe in a god that hurts and justifies the actions of those who hurt you?
So in the cases that I've come across, it's not so much disbelief for the sake of not believing, but disbelief as a choice. That's one of the reasons (I think) that even proof of God wouldn't change their minds.

---Pastor Andy
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