Insects on Noah's Ark


How did Colony Insects reproduce after Noah’s flood if there were only 2?  Some insects cannot successfully reproduce with just 1 male and 1 female of their species. For example, bees need a queen to lay the eggs, a male drone to fertilize & take care of the eggs, and a sterile female worker to gather food for everyone. However, the story of Noah's ark only allows for 2 of every kind of living being on the ark. Some accounts allow for 7 clean beings, but swarming insects are counted as unclean. How could colony insects such as bees & ants have successfully reproduced with only 2 representatives? Wouldn't they have either starved or have had no one to care for the young? Thanks for your thoughts!


My Reply:
Lol, I often wish Noah would've left the insects off the ark, at least the blood-sucking ones.

Read Genesis 7:1-10 again...the 2 of every kind were the UNclean ones. But there were 7 pairs of CLEAN animals of every kind. Granted the clean ones were to be used as food & sacrifices, I'm sure they waited until they got off the wooden boat to make burnt offerings to the Lord. So there were actually 8 pairs of each land animal/creature on the ark, definitely enough for later reproduction.
As for the insects, I have 2 theories. 1) You have to remember, God made everything that exists from the ground. Therefore, I have no doubt that God could have created more, even with only 2 or 9 of each type of insect; 2) Maybe God made an exception when it came to the ones like you mentioned. 
I also wonder when it comes to the blood-sucking insects, if maybe Noah brought extras along with them?  I mean, can you imagine a mosquito biting his arm, SMACK! “Oops!”  J

---Pastor Andy