Looking Forward to Armageddon?

I thought that Armageddon fans were hoping for the end of times.  But I keep seeing post after post about how "scary" all the signs of the end of times are.  Am I misinformed?  Isn't the End of Times what most Christians hope for?  Isn't that the time they all happily float into Heaven?  So why all these scary posts?  Why do I never see "Yay!!  Obama might be the Anti-Christ, the End of Times is near...Partyyyy!!!"
I'm probably misinformed, so please enlighten me. According to Christianity, the End of Times is a good thing, right?

My Reply:
This is a good question, and you’ve made some good points.  Yes, the book of Revelation is a book of hope for Christians. Also, many of us believe that we’re already in the end times...in fact, many of us believe the “End-Times” began either at the resurrection of Jesus Christ or at His death on the cross.

I think that one of the reason you see people freaking out about it is because so many “Christians” today have become so comfortable and bound to their lives, idle in their testimonies, and weak in their stances, that they’ve lost sight of the hope to come.  I think some may also get freaked out because of the torment that we’re to pursue, with the whole persecution, 666 thing, and all. Will there be a rapture, or won’t there be, and if yes, when will it happen?

Although Obama’s most recent decisions and actions do raise some questions, I couldn’t tell you if he’s the anti-Christ. Actually, I’ve heard that some believe it’s a guy in the UK. There’s also a preacher in the South (USA) who claims that 666 stands for his name, and has passed it off as a good thing (weird, messed up people, I agree). But then, if Obama is, then we won’t know until it’s too late anyway.

But yes, you are correct in that we’re supposed to be looking forward to Jesus’ return, not dreading the day of His arrival.
---Pastor Andy
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