Getting Beaten Down Spiritually

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Question: My faith has been lacking for quite some time. I have questioned whether God truly exists or not, whether he truly is nice or not... I feel like I'm gonna go straight to Hell if I die right now... yet as I have stopped praying, I'm cussing a lot more, and I feel like I don't deserve God's grace and forgiveness... why me?  Help.. =(

My Reply:
Hey, it's not really a "why me" sort of question. The enemy attacks all Christians, and it sounds like you're getting bombarded pretty hard.
Think of demons like rats…they hang around garbage.  You can cast them out, but if you don’t clean up the garbage, they’ll come right back, maybe even bringing more back with them.
Another analogy: If you spray insect repellent into a carpenter ants’ hole, they all come rushing out.  In the same way, if you think you’re being spiritually attacked, worship…worship acts like the insect repellent, for it flushes out the demons.

1)    Don't stop praying...pick it back up again  Only now when you pray, try asking these same questions to the Lord, the same way you asked them to me here. Then finish up by asking for help in your doubt.  Even pray the blood of Jesus upon yourself for protection.
2)    Crack open your Bible and ask the Lord to lead you to a part to read.  Psalms 27 is a good one to help with Spiritual Warfare, as are many others in other tough times, because we recognize and are able to relate to things that David and the other psalmists were enduring.
3)    If you know any songs that glorify God or remind you of who He is, sing those.  Here's a Christian radio-website I found to help you with that.

As you do all this, you’re actually spending time with Jesus, and your faith will increase.  Remember too, dogs don’t chase parked cars.  So if you’re being attacked, then it’s because you’re doing something that’s treading on their turf (which is a good thing if you are).  So worship, pray, sing, read, ask others to pray for you, and put on the full armor of God.  I’ll pray for you, too.
---Pastor Andy
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