Why do Atheists get married?

Question:  Why do Atheists get married?  I mean, I know, insurance, and taxes, etc.  But when you were first married, you didn't think about things like that. You were (are) in love with each other, and you just want to marry them. But why?

My Reply:
You know, to an extent, I've been wondering the same thing, for marriage is a God-thing...God created it.  But if they don't believe in God, then why would they believe in marriage? I'll tell you, it makes my brain hurt (a little) when I think about it, because it really doesn't make any sense. I mean, if they say it's because they see married couples all the time, so they know it exists...but then, everything that exists was created by God. They see everything that exists, but they refuse to believe in God anyway, then why...

The Apostle Paul suggested for single Christians (who are dating somebody) to marry so they don't burn in passion, because sex was created to be in the context of marriage...otherwise it's sinful. But if somebody doesn't believe in God, then they must not care about sin, because they're not worried about being judged or anything by something they don't believe in. So then we return to the question, "why do they marry?"

I've asked some atheist friends about this in the past, and have heard reasons from not believing Marriage to be a God-thing to it just being something that people have been doing for thousands of years (I agree, but insist also that it was first introduced by God).  Although I also recently asked this question on my Facebook, hoping to get some good feedback on it from my non-believing friends.  I'm not sure how many actually read this post before commenting, but the main argument I got back was that they neither believe marriage is a God-thing, nor that God has to have anything to do with it.  Some also went off topic, but mostly gave the same basic reason.

Maybe, when you get right down to it, marriage to an Atheist has become like Christmas and Easter to them: holidays that were originally intended for celebrating and glorifying God, transformed by the world's desires for holidays to receive gifts and candy, and have nothing to do with God.  And by the time it got to them, it was already part of their culture as a proper step in a committed relationship?
OR, MAYBE it's like heaven in the eyes of many others in the world...they want to go there, but don't want to have anything to do with the One and only Way to get there.  So they take parts of it that they like, keep out the parts about Jesus or God or anything Biblically sound, and create their own version of it, claiming it to be just as good as the real thing.
---Pastor Andy
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