Would You Worship God Even If There Was No Afterlife?


Would you still worship God if there was no Heaven or Hell? If life just ended with death?  If there was no reward for worship, would you still bother?  Remember, this Creator wiped out almost everything on Earth because He was unhappy with it, allowed the torture Job for a bet, wiped out cities of people, etcetera.  If He did not promise you eternal happiness, would you worship Him?

My Reply:
Would I still worship God even if there wasn't an afterlife?  Yes, I would.

You have to understand, when I accepted Jesus, I'd hit rock-bottom. My life wasn't going anywhere, friends weren't "real friends", relationships never worked out, career options were closing, I'd tried searching for God by other means and never found Him, and my emotions were numb...I was empty inside and out...I honestly had nothing to lose.
What I discovered in Jesus isn't just "fire insurance", but a relationship...a friendship like no other.

I held off from relationships in order to get to know Jesus better, and God taught me about what real love is; my numbness left, and I was filled with the Holy Spirit; I had new purpose in my life; as for friends, Jesus turned out to be the friend who always fulfills His promises, and repeatedly has never let me down (unlike my other friends). I was soon called into a new career, one with so many more options, and can never be replaced by computers; and I finally found the One and Only True God.

Yeah, God wiped out creation, but He saved those whom loved him back. And that's what God continues to do even today, only in a different sort of way.

I love God, God loves me–it's a friendship...so yes, of course I'd worship God even if there was no afterlife.

---Pastor Andy
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