Are There Contradictions In the Bible?

Question:  Is it true that there are a couple of contradictions in the Bible?  I have been told that and was like it possible?  Please share your thoughts.

My Reply:
While in Seminary, my Koine Greek professor said that when translating and trying to best understand Scripture, one must always keep 3 things in mind:
  1. Context
  2. Context
  3. Context
Often times when people find a contradiction, it's because they read it out of context.
Yes, people also often just want to try and disprove the Bible, or simply don't want to believe its claims so they say there are contradictions, but many others will simply just read something out of context. For example, one of the bigger arguments is that the God in the Old Testament was mean, judgmental, and all about killing and war, while Jesus in the New Testament is all loving and about forgiveness, thus being a contradiction.  But if you read the whole Bible in its context and come to know the whole story, then you'll find there are no contradictions, but that it’s the same One God and the same stubborn people.

When reading the Bible, we need to remember that it's a book about God creating and interacting with His people, the history of God's people in relation to their interaction (or lack of) with Him, and a means of getting to know God personally and relationally in the way that He wants and intends for His people to know and be known by Him.  In a sense, you could also say that the Bible is sort of a love-letter from God to His human creation.  Some will respond with joy, some will begin to ask questions before reading the whole letter, some will be engulfed by His Words, some will decide it's all foolishness and focus on their other lovers (religions, idols, finances, life's concerns, etc), and some will accept it as nice words and material to use in their lives and in relations with others.  Some will also question God's intentions or ask for proof, but then still not accept His Truth when they receive it, only creating another argument.
On the other hand, others will recognize and accept His love, fall in love with Him also, and spend the rest of their lives here and in eternity with Him.  And these can't help but tell others about Him, His Word, and His love for His creation.  But one won't know this unless they read the Bible in the context in which it was written, and the context of the Bible as a whole.

So to answer your question straight out, no, there are no contradictions in the Bible,
---Pastor Andy
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