How Can I Become a Teen Missionary?


Okay, I'm 14 and I'm deciding to be a missionary to help in any way possible. I live in the Bible belt (Mississippi), so there's not a lot of call to do anything around were I live, but people need missionaries to go to different places, but my mom want let me go cause I'm too young. So any ideas on how I could make a difference in the world?
My Reply:
First of all, let me just say that I think it's really awesome that the Lord has put a passion for missions on your heart!  Maybe that's a calling, also? Excellent! Well, in 2005, the United States was the 3rd largest mission field in the world (I don't know where it's ranked today). Today, YOUR largest (and good training ground for missions) mission field is your school. You can serve there by:

1) Demonstrating Jesus in all you do.
2) Start up a Bible study on (or off) campus, and invite those who you wouldn't expect to ever pick up a Bible.
3) Missions and Evangelism work best when you know or are friends with the person/people you're communicating with. So join some clubs where you can get to know people on their levels.
4) Step out of cliques and your comfort zones at school, and take the time to get to know people you don't know or who'd be considered an "outcast". For example, sit next to them at lunch and start up a conversation.
5) Go against the grain: Youth your age are facing a LOT of huge issues (sex, identity, self image, acceptance, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, relationships, etc.), and only have culture to tell them what to do. Go against the culture of the world and stick to what Jesus and the Bible teach. When others see you doing this, they'll realize there are other options, and maybe even ask you about it, giving you a chance to share with them.

In many schools, you're not really "allowed" to talk about Jesus to others. But the loophole in that is that when people ask you about Him, you're allowed to answer their questions. So think of ways you can spark up conversations. For example, carry around (and read in between classes or in study hall) your Bible. Some of my former students would do this, and when others persecuted them for it, and asked why they carry it to school, it gave them the open door to share the Gospel with them.

I'm sure you can think of some other means of ministering to youth in your school, but I'd say start there.

---Pastor Andy  :}>+-
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