Singing Act Wants To Stand Out

Me and my friend are thinking of going on "Britain's Got Talent" next year, and want to make our singing act something special so that the judges will want to see more, but we don't know what to do. Can you help because some of the acts sing certain songs or have backgrounds or something like that but we have no idea what our thing is. Please help!

My Reply:
I'm not a pro in that field, but from what I've noticed about bands that stand out, they each have either a new type of look or a new type of sound. For example:

Kiss...yeah, their music was good, but what really got them out there was their makeup.
Green Day: nothing about them in visual, but their sound at the time was different.
Elvis: great singer, but his moves are what made the public go nuts.
Metallica: They were a new, heavy sound in the middle of a hair-band pop-like era. They stood out with their sound and attitudes.

My point is that if you don't have the talent, then put on a great show. Or if you don't have a new look, then you'd better have great talent. We're in an age when everybody basically sounds similar to the other, but to make an impact, to put into the words of American Idol's Simon Cowel, you need to stand out from the rememberable...stick in the heads of people AFTER you've left the stage.
If you can do that, then I believe you'll be sure contestants (and maybe winners) on Britain's got talent.

---Pastor Andy

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