Who Is God To You?

Question: How would you describe God?  No quotes please, just in your own words.

My Reply:
  1. I love Him.
  2. My Lord, for He cares for me
  3. My King, for He rules over me
  4. My Master, for I am His disciple who learns from Him, takes on His character, and becomes as He is
  5. Abba, for I am His child, and He cares for me as such, as I continue to come to Him as such
  6. My best friend, for He has always been there for me and has never let me down. We also talk like best friends do about anything and everything
  7. My Hero for He has saved me from death
  8. Guide, for He takes and guides me on His missions
  9. My map, for when I am lost, He helps me find my way
  10. Protector, for He has and continues to protect me from the evil one and his followers’ malice
  11. Big Brother, for He has gone before me through everything that I will have to endure, helping me to endure them, too. And some things He went through, I will not have to, for He did instead
  12. My doorway to the Father, for I first had to go through Him (Jesus)
  13. My Pearl, for which I give everything up in order to own (only instead, He owns me)
  14. My treasure which I set my sights on (the treasure that I sought and have found!)
  15. My Boss, for I am His worker/servant, and I am required to fulfill the responsibilities for the position He has put me in charge of
  16. My Role Model, for I am one of His greatest fans. As such, I idolize Him, I want to be like Him, I want to see and love others as He does, and when others look at me, I continue to pray that they instead will see Him through me and through my actions, behaviors, and my compassion for them
  17. My God, for He is God, and no other is like Him
  18. My Owner, for He bought me for an expensive price, and so I now fully belong to Him…and everything I own, is His
  19. My inspiration, and a grand discovery, and I must not keep Him a secret, but instead tell everyone about Him; He is my Healer
  20. My motivator and cheerleader, for when I am down, He encourages me to get up and either try again, or continue what I’m doing
  21. Teacher, for He has taught (shown) me true, unconditional and unending love
  22. Provider, for all I have, He provided for me, and all I need, He provides for me
  23. My focus and reason for living, for without Him, I am nothing. (and added recently):
  24. Center of my marriage with my wife, for without Him there, we could not be united as one.
---Pastor Andy  :}>+-
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