Can a Christian Talk Philosophy Without Quoting the Bible?

Can a Christian have a philosophical conversation or debate without quoting the Bible?  Is it even possible for such a thing to happen?
For example, most atheists do not see the need to quote other atheists, the same way i don't need to quote George Washington Carver to tell you that I believe peanut butter is absolutely delicious.

My Answer:
Sure, a Christian could have a philosophical debate without quoting the Bible, that is, if the philosophical topic isn't about God, morals/ethics, or anything He created.

I'm not trying to be sarcastic here, but most famous philosophers are known for their takes on God. And no, you don't need Carver to tell you that peanut butter is delicious, but honestly, I haven't had a philosophical conversation with somebody who didn't either quote or bring up a theory that wasn't already thought up by another philosopher.  That's probably because it's also difficult to propose a theory about God, or almost anything really, that hasn't been thought up by these same philosophers.

So yeah, it's possible to not "quote" the Bible in a discussion or debate, but can we keep our faith and talks of what's in the Bible out? I say no, for such support the origin of our opinions and knowledge.

---Pastor Andy