How Do I Become A True Christian?

I really want to become a true Christian. I've been going to church my whole life and have always been calling myself a Christian. I know I'm supposed to repent and that if Im calling myself a Christian I really should be one. I just don't know what first step to take.
So basically, I want to be a Christian, but don't know how to start my road to faith.

My Reply:
There are a lot of people who go to church and/or call themselves Christians, but really don't have anything to do with Jesus. So I congratulate you for recognizing your need for a deeper step in your faith.

Basically, Christianity is a RELATIONSHIP with God through Jesus Christ...if you've got that, then you're "a true Christian", and you can confirm it with the Lord by asking Him in prayer. If you don't have that, or aren't sure, then I'd suggest asking God about it.

Try starting off asking Jesus if you could talk, or just say, "Jesus,..." and repeat everything you said in your question. Or imagine Jesus asking, "What's on your mind?" And then just answer Him.  :)