Jeans in the Bible?

I need help finding a verse in the Bible!
OK, so I am not allowed to wear jeans because it’s against my religion, and i tried convincing my mom but she keeps saying no!  So I need a verse in the Bible that talks about how girls and guys have to dress to convince my mom!!!!!!

My Reply:
Careful, for your mom can throw in "respect your parents".

Basically, God judges the heart, not the clothes we wear. But as for finding something about clothes, off the top of my head, the closest I can think of is 1 Corinthians: Paul talks about head coverings and women wearing modest clothes during worship. The main reason is because worship is meant for worshiping God, and so the focus should be on Him. But when women wear un-modest clothes to church, they take the focus off God and onto themselves, thus sparking Paul’s necessity to address it.

But now if it's actually against your "religion" to wear jeans, then this sounds like something you need to take up with your minister, not your mom (unless your mom is the minister).
---Pastor Andy
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