Robot Takeover in 2050?


The World is being taken over by robots in 2050. What do you think about this imaginary year 2050? 

My Reply:
In 1949, there was a book written called "1984". In it, it was believed that by the year 1984, we'd be flying to work in jet packs, robots would be in control, a new type of government would be in place, and a whole bunch of other stuff that never happened (except for "Big Brother", which was a pretty close prediction).

Also, if you're a fan of Star Trek, the supposed year when space travel and the Starship Enterprise all began was 2151. But today, we're still collecting rocks from the moon and Mars...far from the proposed technological advancements.

And finally, in the movie "The Terminator", they believed that by the year 2029, Skynet would take over and wage war on humankind.

Of all those, we're probably closer to the Terminator story. But when you look at all the other predictions, to set 2050 as the date it'll all happen, I think is pure (science) fiction.
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