Should an Atheist Teen Go To Confirmation?

I am an Atheist and 15 years old. My mom says I have to go to confirmation even though she knows I am an atheist.  I told her that if i went to confirmation it'll go against what I believe in and it'd be best because I do not want to be insulted or picked on at church (it's happened before).  But she says that I am confused and says that I need to learn about my religion before speaking such nonsense!
I DON'T THINK I SHOULD GO. And I don't want to either, but I am being forced to because of some reason my parents can't think of, they always have some different answer.

Some background: I have been an atheist since I was 13 but before then I questioned religion a lot I read the bible, I told my parent's recently that what i read made me disbelieve in religion even more... I read it when I actually worshiped god a lot and felt guilty that when i read it, it seemed wrong to me.

My Reply:
Yeah, being teased at church is really hypocritical of them, for such is the place where God's people are to gather and worship Him, together with one mind, as one Body.  If they're doing anything other than glorifying God (like teasing you, breaking you down emotionally or spiritually), then they need to be corrected. I think one of the mistakes that many atheists make is looking at Christians in order to understand God, but instead recognize us as people who make mistakes and fail you in our image of God every day.

I'd suggest going to may learn something about God (even though you don't believe in Him), or at least the Church and history of Christianity.  Plus, you're pleasing your mom (or in teenager-terminology, "you'll get her to quit nagging you."

And you can look at it this way: if you don't come out of it with a head full of knowledge about the faith, or you don't decide to give God a chance, then at least you'll have more information to back up your claim.