Should I Stand Up and Take Action?

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Hi, I'm 14.

Do you think that it is better if I stand up and take action by telling my classmate (she's my age) that I like and love her? Or should I just spend the rest of my teenage years waiting?

My Reply:
Hey dude, I'd say that if you "took action" and told her that you "like and love her", you'd probably freak her out.  Instead, I'd suggest asking her out sometime...maybe to a movie or favorite hang-out.  If she doesn't feel comfortable with that, then maybe try a get together with her and a bunch of friends. That way, you can also get to know her around others...see how she behaves among friends. And as you're hanging out, talk with her...ask her questions about herself, have discussions, share things about yourself, etc...but I wouldn't suggest you jump in and tell her that you like and love her until she gets a chance to know you some, too.  Otherwise, you may turn her away, and instead of dwelling on the not asking her part, you'll be dwelling on all the other and better ways you could have approached her.

Now, if you're already friends, you hang out with friends together, etc...then I'd say ask her if she'd like to go on a date or somewhere just the 2 of you. But man, take it slow. If she hasn't figured out by now or heard from your or her friends that you like her, then she'll figure out when you ask her out.  Also, as the relationship grows, she'll begin to see your love for her.  But if you really love her, then you'll take it slow...sudden emotions need to be questioned...real feelings and emotions form and grow together.
I'll pray for you on this, too, OK?
---Pastor Andy
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