Can You Help Me Analyzing A Really Weird, Epic Dream?

Okay so last week I had a really vivid dream that I'm still thinking about...I can only really remember bits and pieces now, but here goes:
I was dating two different guys, one I kinda like and one I hate. The one I like goes to my high school, but the one I hate is my ex brother-in-law (they got divorced and he was a complete jackass to my sister, so you see why I hate him right?)  But anyway, it kept flipping between the two guys.  In one part, I was eating out with my family, and my brother-in-law was there...and we were holding hands, but no one at the table noticed.
The next part I remember was with the guy I like, and for some reason I was trying to run his girlfriend over but I kept swinging too wide and missing.  Also, the car was invisable, but I remember just pushing my foot like you would on a gas pedal.  And it was like I made the car appear (but it was still invisible)...and anyway, somehow he found out that I liked him and told me he wouldn't be dating the girl if he knew I liked him... (Just so ya'll know I wouldn't really try to run his girlfriend over, lol).
So then in the next part I remember, I'm walking with my family along some train tracks, and eventually we got to this train station, and my brother-in-law wasn't with the sister he married, but was with one of my other sisters!  I don't know.  That part was just weird to me, hahaha. 
So could you help me analyze this dream?  It just stuck with me because it felt so REAL when I woke up.  It actually took me a second to realize that it didn't really happen...
Oh, and one more thing... I've had really vivid, epic dreams for like the past year or so.  I don't dream often, but when I do I can usually remember it...I still remember most of my dreams from the past year now...

My Reply:
I can relate with the vivid dreams. Have you tried writing them down? I've got several notebooks full of dreams in the past.  It always blows me away when they happen in real life.

I'm sorry, I don't really have an answer for sure, but I believe I can throw out some possibilities to look at:

I wonder if the boys in your dream are actually characteristics that you're dealing with? For example, you've got the evil guy and want the nice guy, but the nice guy's with somebody, so you can't have him. And you so badly want him that you try to eliminate the reason you can't.

Now if your dreams often come true, then what's on my mind is that you'll want a nice guy, but end up with somebody who's a jerk (a nice word for the point being made). Maybe you'll think at first that he was like the nice guy, then he'll flip, and become the jerk, or maybe you'll go for him and not understand why, but either way, he'll be as the evil guy your sister was married to...or, maybe you'll just be into a jerky-guy for some reason and not know why. And as he treats you as he does, you continue to long for something else that you can't have.

Maybe the reason that people in your family won't notice you're with him will because they'll notice, maybe that he's not an evil guy?  Like they'll be blinded by his charm, and only you'll know the truth about him?

Train tracks: When you walk along tracks, you can see them in a distance, but you can never really see the end.  You just know that it's up there somewhere.  Also, as with trains, anything on tracks must remain on them...they can't turn off from them.
So maybe it means that:
  1. You'll follow along the same track as your sister's "luck" with bad guys, yet wanting the good one?
  2. You have a journey ahead of you in the dating scene, and must follow along the tracks in order to get to the "station", where you'll see the switch or change in events.
  3. The fact that you were walking with your family, maybe it means that you'll all be together in these trials.
Why this guy was with your other sister, I don't know. Maybe look at the age difference between them and figure those years to be the distance of your walking on the tracks.  And if your sisters are different characteristically from each other, then maybe that's to show the conclusion of the characteristic or trial.

Like I said, I don't think I have the answer, but maybe some other views to look at and wrestle with.

---Pastor Andy