Do I Have to Pay or Put Money in a Box If I Go to Church?


I am a devout Atheist but I read the bible on a regular basis.  I would also like to go to different churches on an occasional Sunday, all for the entertainment value of course. My question is, would I be expected to put money in some sort of offering basket?  What is the protocol?

My Reply:
God asks that we tithe (give 10% of everything we earn) back to Him for the Church (or the church). It's also a part of worship, for
1) Everything belongs to God, so giving God back some of what was originally His shouldn't be a big deal;
2) For all God has and continues to do, can we really pay Him back? So we ask that our tithe might be even just a TOKEN to represent our thanks to God.

Many churches will announce that visitors aren't expected to tithe, seeing it only as something for the members who've promised to do so upon membership. Unfortunately though, if you watch, you'll notice that many regulars sometimes don't put anything in the tray anyway. 

If you’re in church for the entertainment, then consider it free entertainment. Heck, you could even consider the days of communion as a free morning meal. I think it's just great that you (an atheist) go at all.

---Pastor Andy