Does God Make Mistakes?

Question:  Do you think God ever makes mistakes?  If not, why do we tend to blame God for any wrong happening?

My Reply:
No, God does not make mistakes...everything is according to His plan and will.

You know, as I think about it more, I'm not sure if I would worship a god who makes mistakes...seriously.  I mean, for one thing, if God could make mistakes, then that would put God on even grounds with us, His creation.  And if God was on even grounds with His creation, then what would really be the point of worshiping Him?  How would He be any different from us?  He couldn't be God, could He?  For if God had weaknesses, flaws, lied, sinned, made mistakes, etc., then why not just worship some person on earth with LESS flaws, weaknesses, etc. then Him?

Secondly, if God made mistakes, then who could He repent to for the mistakes, us?  "Oops, sorry about that."  In Mark 2, the Teachers of Religious Law had a problem with Jesus, and rejected Him when He forgave the sins of the paralyzed man who was lowered in by his friends, for as they said "only God can forgive sins" (they didn't recognize Jesus as God).  So if God is the only One who can forgive sins, then who would God repent to for His mistakes, if He could make them?

But God IS God, infallible, mistake free and is not like us in that we fall short sometimes, or that we're not always in control of things, or that anything should slip by Him.  You know, I think we blame God for things that happen in our lives, or in the world, because we don't see the big picture, and so become confused when things don't go as we'd hoped or preferred, according to what we're able to see.  But to God, everything makes sense and is in accordance with His Will.

There's a song from a Christian band called 38th Parallel.  In their song "You Are My God", they guy sings, "these small eyes of mine can't see past this one season."  God's eyes can, but ours can't.  Our eyes are limited, God's aren't.  So just because we can't understand why something happened, doesn't mean that God made a mistake.  It just means that we can't comprehend the purpose or reason behind it.

Praise the Lord that we have an infallible God who does not and cannot make mistakes.

---Pastor Andy