Eating with Jesus and Satan


I have a crush on a Christian Scorpio man who's 5 years younger than me...I'm a Gemini Christian woman that knows our signs don't match. I don't believe that a certain date something will happen but i do believe that some personality traits are true according to the signs. He does not know how I feel. He comes to my job as a dental patient. 
I do not believe that something will happen on a certain day.  BUT I do believe that certian signs have similar personalities. I also believe that some personalities clash.  What's going to happen on oct. 123456789ect...?  What should I do?

My Reply:
Wait, you're a Christian, yet you follow the signs?  That's like adultery in a marriage. Don't you realize you're behaving just as the Israelites continued to behave with the Baals? You can't dine with Jesus and Satan at the same table, nor can you serve 2 masters.

Either put away your "signs" and put your focus on the Lord, or put aside the Lord and pick up your signs...pick one and stick with it. Stop wavering between the 2.

Once you're set with your decision, then worry about your crush.