GPA vs. Intelligence

Question: Would you consider a person with a GPA (Grade Point Average) score of 3.8 to be intelligent?

My Reply:
Would I consider a person with a 3.8 GPA intelligent? Sure.  But keep in mind that intelligence is not always measured by a GPA.  For example:

  • I know a bunch of people who are genius’!  They can live, work, and do practically anything...outside of school.  But, when it came to school and grades, many did really bad, and some even dropped out.
  • I also know some people who get really good grades, but could never make it in the real world…they’re book-smart, but their intelligence ends there.
  • And, I know some people who are gifted in both.

    I suppose it all really depends on what sort of intelligence you're looking at.

---Pastor Andy

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