How Do I Become Closer to God?


I am 14 almost 15 and have been a Christian for a while. I thought I was firm in my faith, but now things are wanting me to be closer and even more firm. I go to church regularly and youth group and I see others worship and wish that what ever there feeling, I could feel that too. Not just like I'm singing a song to god. Please help.

My Reply:
I think it's awesome that you want to be closer to God.  It's also good that you recognize that the "feeling" is connected with the closeness of your relationship with Jesus.  So how can you not just "feel" closer, but actually "get" closer to God, other than what you're already doing?  2 ways:

1) Pray often...more often than you text your friends. Talk to God the way you talk to your best fancy words, no particular style, but as you do with your friends (look at Psalms for some examples if you need help).  

If it helps any, try starting off telling Jesus everything you mentioned that you long for in your question here, and ask Him for help in doing so.  You could also imagine Him asking you, "How are you doing?"  Then after you tell Him, imagine Him saying, "No, are you doing?"

2) Read God's Word (the Bible) every day. Here's my suggestion, and it's how I got to know Jesus personally and became close with Him: pick a book from the Bible, and read through it...but only read 1 chapter a day.  (I know you're going to get into it and want to read more, but the Bible is more than a story to get's instructions for how to live your life and experience God to the fullest, and a way to get to know God better.  So don't just read it, do what it says). So read 1 chapter a day, pray for help in understanding it, and talk with Jesus about your questions. But be consistent and only read 1 chapter a day.

If you have any questions as you read, ask your Pastor, youth pastor, family, another Christian friend, or feel free to email me.

---Pastor Andy