Need Help Understanding God's Word


Am I the only one who has trouble reading God's Word?  

My Reply:
I used to have trouble reading it.  I'd suggest finding a mentor, such as a Pastor, Youth Pastor, a Christian friend, or somebody in the church to help you understand what you're reading.

Here's what my first mentor said, many years ago:
"Start in the New Testament with Matthew. Read only ONE chapter a day. Try early or in mid-day so you can ponder it the rest of the day. Take notes, highlight or underline anything that stands out to you, pray, and be ready to answer me when I ask you about what you read."

I later learned that in order to understand the New Testament better, I needed to read the Old Testament, also...but also that it was in fact best to read the New Testament first.

A Bible study in your church would also be a great help.
---Pastor Andy