Praying while Drunk Easier Than When Sober


Why is it easier to pray when I get drunk than when I'm sober?  Every time I get drunk, I get this urge to pray wherever and when ever.  But when I am not drunk, most times I seem to forget to pray.  Can you explain that?

I want to make some changes in my life.  I want to live a life that pleases God and fun.  My previous attempts were all seemed failed.  Every time I thought I was making improvements, its all a drawback. So because I always remember to pray when I am drunk, I just want to get drunk.  
Some practical suggestions please.

My Reply:
Here are some suggestions to help:
1) Try praying now, asking Jesus to help you pray when you're not drunk.

2) Make a schedule of your day, and write in a time for you to pray, and be sure to be sober at that time.

3) It's possible that the reason you're more comfortable praying when you're drunk is because that's when emotions become more recognized. Also, you're already relaxed, not restless, as you may be when you're sober. So when you're sober but don't know what to pray, force yourself to just sit there in a quiet room, and ask the Lord to join you in your presence and thoughts.  Heck, sometimes you just need to get everything off your mind.  Jesus is a good listener for even the things that seem pointless, but are obviously taking up space in your brain.

4) Read a chapter from the Bible (just one chapter), then talk with God about what you just read. Ask questions, reflect, etc.

5) Venting about what's going on in your life is praying, too.

6) Imagine Jesus asking, "How are you doing today?" Then after you answer, imagine Him saying, "No really. How are you doing?" Then really answer.

Remember, prayer doesn't have to end with "Amen", and it doesn't have to contain any particular words or phrases. Prayer is communication with God. The more difficult you make it, the more difficult it will be to do it.
Seriously also, as for the fun part you're pursuing, once you get on track with Jesus, I promise you you'll experience a whole new type of fun you never knew existed!

---Pastor Andy