Why Do I Like One Twin Better Than the Other?

There are these two identical twin guys... Both attractive and totally my type, but I am more attracted to the older twin. He is more reserved and quiet and kind of gives off that hostile, 'I hate the world' kind of vibe and literally trusts nobody, while his brother is more in control and outgoing and sweet and kind to everybody. Why, of all people, would I like the older twin better than the younger that looks exactly like him?

My Reply:
I think you just answered your question.
I once new some identical twins who, unless you spent a lot of time with them, you really couldn't tell them apart...heck, they even dressed alike had the same haircuts, makeup, etc., and all on purpose!
But one was more on the wild side, while the other was more conservative.

Keep in mind that just because they look alike, doesn't mean they're alike in every other way, too.  In fact, in terms of their desires, likes, tastes, preferences, style, etc, they may be completely different people.  Don't judge a book by its cover (lol, sorry, I had to throw that in).
---Pastor Andy