How To Adjust To A New Location


I moved from Los Angeles to Northwest Washington 2 years ago and still feel like I do not belong. All I planned was nothing like I thought. Some goals succeeded, and others not like I expected. What should I do to get more grounded, or should I up root?
My Reply:
Should you stay or should you go? Not even The Clash could answer that question.

As for how to adjust, try finding some things that you did while in LA. For example:
I'm from Chicago. When we moved to Virginia, we quickly found it as a place where nothing is really all that similar. So I looked for things I did in Chicago that I can do there.  For example, I liked to work out. So one of the first things we looked for when we moved there was a gym. It's not the same without buddies to workout with, which has made it tough, but it helps.
Back home I played indoor soccer. So after workouts at the gym, I'd kick the ball around in the basketball courts.
Stuff like that, ya know? Just because you're in a different state, doesn't mean you can't do some of the things you did back home. Find some of these things around you to help you adjust.

---Pastor Andy
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