What Can I Do When I Get Muted In My Nightmares?

I have nightmares often, and most of the time I am trying to beg for help or alert someone but for one reason or another I can't get a proper word out.
Either I had eaten something earlier in the dream and my mouth remains full of food no matter what I do. Or I am constantly vomiting or drooling and can't stop it. Or my voice is just suppressed to a dull squeaking. 99% when I can speak, I am ignored or betrayed by the people I was trying to get through to.  If you have any information on these types of dreams, please send me what resources you have.  I know that this is most likely because due to anxiety, I have issues having even simple conversations with people in my life and it upsets me. So, if you have any resources on how to speak up better, that would be wonderful too.

My Reply:
I was attracted to your question because I can actually relate, but they're not because of what I ate.
OK, if you're not a "religious" person, then this may sound really out there to you.

When I used to sleep on my back, I'd sometimes dream of something that often turned into a nightmare. As I tried to wake up, I couldn't, and when I tried to speak, it was like somebody was sitting on my chest with their hands around my throat. Here's the thing. The word that I tried to say was "Jesus!" No, seriously, and I couldn't get the whole name out. I'd say "Jheee! Jheee!" (or "in the name of Jheee!") several times. But then when I'm finally able to sit up and say "Jesus!", I'm awake and the muting was gone.

People don't like to admit it, but there are other forces in and of the world that don't like humans, because we're God's creation. So they attack us however they can.  To those of us treading on their ground, and who have vivid dreams, they like to attack us in them.

There's power in Jesus' name. If you don't believe me, try saying HIS name the next time you're muted, instead of seeking out the people who end up ignoring you in your dreams. Also, He will neither ignore you, nor ever betray you. Seriously!

Pretty out there, huh?
---Pastor Andy