Outside of Faith, Can We Be Sure That Jesus Actually Did Live?


Would it be true to say that no one is perfectly sure of Jesus in history until they are sure of him in their life?
For no one can have a final demonstration of truth concerning the nature of Christ or His work unless he can say "I am sure of Jesus Christ, because He lives in me."?

My Reply:
I see 2 questions here:
  1. Can it be said that nobody can be perfectly sure that Jesus lived in history until they've accepted Him as Lord and Savior?
  2. Can it be said that nobody can fully know the truth and true nature of Jesus Christ until they've accepted Him as their Lord and Savior?

1) Without faith, we still know that Jesus existed and walked the earth.  One way is because ancient secular historians have actually written about Him. Another way is from Archaeological digs in surrounding areas and places where Jesus lived and traveled (did you know that there's actually archaeological evidence of ancient graffiti by somebody mocking his friend for worshiping Jesus?) Also, the Jewish leaders of that day and today admit Jesus lived and walked the earth, yet still refuse to accept Him as the Messiah. So no, I don't believe #1 can be said.

2) I wonder about this one, actually. I say this because I have a friend who boggles me. He grew up in the Church (hated it, but yet grew up in it). He knows God exists, He knows Jesus is the Messiah, and that Jesus is God in the flesh. Though doesn't accept the Christian Truth about Jesus Christ and His nature, he does know it (or know of it), and yet chooses to have nothing to do with Him.  So for #2, I have to say that one's debatable.

---Pastor Andy