Should Pastors Be Rich and Look It Too?

Question:  What's your thought on religious leaders who have nice cars, big houses, fancy clothes, etc.? 

My Reply:
I’m guessing that what you're asking is not whether or not they should have reliable cars, but should they have expensive luxury/sports cars; not should they have a warm and stable home for their family, but is it right for them to have mansions; not should they have nice clothes, but should they have Armani suits and gator skin shoes.

No, I don't agree that they should. It's nice if a church/ministry can fund a religious leader enough for necessities, some wants, and retirement, but if it gets to the point where they have enough money to hoard or burn, then I think the church could (and should) be using that money for other means, like missions (local, national, and international), education and discipleship, community service, helping the poor, funding other churches with needs, scholarships, internships, etc.

I think that one of the problems is that, like corporations, often times people who "run" churches begin to think that because the giving/income has increased, so should the salary of their leaders. Granted, some churches are small and cannot afford an appropriate salary for their Pastor(s), and so in that case, I think their salaries should increase with the level of giving.  But in the cases you're asking about, I would understand more so of the Lord's increasing of their blessings and of income as a means for supporting the ministry (and ministries) of the Church as a whole, versus the egos and expenses of its leaders.
---Pastor Andy