Solomon's Sins

Dear Pastor Andy, what were some of the choices King Solomon made that hurt his friendship with God?

My Reply:
It's interesting you ask this, for though Solomon was possibly the wisest of men in his day, he wasn't very good at carrying out his wisdom in his life. For example:
  1. He marrying foreign wives, and a BUNCH of them as political treaties with their fathers' nations;
  2. He made treaties with nations that the Lord had commanded Israel to wipe out and have nothing to do with.
  3. His foreign wives brought their "gods" to Jerusalem, which Solomon soon began worshiping, also;
  4. Solomon himself worshiped these idols/other "gods"
  5. We know that he was also harsh, not merciful with the people under him.
  6. Bad money management (for more on this one, check out my blog post).

...just to name a few.

---Pastor Andy