What is Prayer Really About?


From a Christian understanding:
1) What does prayer really do (for you)?
2) What is prayer really about?
I really am curious and I need the answers for an assignment.  Also, when I say PRAYER, I mean what does PRAYING do for you. And I do NOT mean what being a Catholic does.

My Reply:
Prayer is communication with God, pure and simple.
Prayer keeps me in communication with God. Some people see prayer like the old dial-up modems...they'd log on when they want something from Him, then log off when their done. But for me, it's more like a Cable-modem connection, or satellite connection. In other words, I'm always logged on.

Another thing about prayer is that it's not just me talking, but I also listen for God's communication. A real conversation with somebody is 2-way.  If it's only you talking, then it's not a conversation.  You must also listen to what He's saying.

So what's it do for me? It keeps me in constant communication with God.
---Pastor Andy