4 Questions About Life and Death


  1. What is the point of human existence?
  2. Who decides where we go and when?
  3. Where are our souls (please don't say 'INSIDE US')
  4. Why are we here?

My Reply:
1) What is the point of Human existence?  To glorify God

2) Who decides where we go and when?  That depends on whose you are...if you belong to the Lord, then He guides you, and your desires relate to #1.  If you belong to yourself (sin), then I suppose it'd be your own desires that guide you.
But then, if you're talking about where we go when we die, then I believe we also decide on where we go...will we go to be with the Lord, or not?  And that depends on whether we'll have anything to do with Him now or not.
As for "when"? I don't fully know that one. As a Christian, I figure I'll go when my work here is done and He wants me home.  Although, I also believe that Jesus will return in my lifetime, so whenever that'll be...

3) Where are our souls?  The Bible tells us that our "souls" are actually part of our physical bodies...when we die, our "souls" will go to be with the Lord (or rest), but one day, our bodies will be transformed and resurrected as Jesus' body was.
Also, in the Old Testament God commands His people not to drink blood, for it's the life source of the animal. And in communion (Eucharist), Jesus made it a point to instruct us to partake in both His body and His blood. So are our souls in our blood?  Are they in our brains?  My point is that it's connected to the body, not separate.

4) This last one is a common question, "Why are we here?"  Genesis tells us that we were created to take care of the earth, be masters over the animals, and commune with God.  But ultimately, I believe we're here to give God glory and live for (and with) Him.

---Pastor Andy