Does Living Really Make Any Sense?


Just think about it, this is all there is.  Eventually, I am going to go to bed, sleep for a few hours, then start ALL OVER AGAIN. In my opinion, someone would have to be nuts to want to live in this loop of black and white, pain and suffering.....If this is all there is, then why live?

My Reply:

Dude, I TOTALLY get what you mean.  I often wonder the same thing...about this life, same routines each day.  We eat, why, to survive?  Even that becomes boring. Sometimes I get to that point where I don't even enjoy sleeping anymore.  So what's the point, really?

Then I remember the Lord, and though everything else continues to look boring and repetitive, I'm reminded that my purpose is to glorify Him and tell others of His Good News.  And suddenly, all the boring stuff I do begins to look like support for that.

So technically speaking, the only reason I continue to live is to glorify God and tell others about Him. Otherwise,'s really pretty pointless.
---Pastor Andy