Doubting Your Faith?


Say you attend church (b/c the ones in my town are nothing more than popularity contests) and you pray, but you find yourself questioning the actuality of it....and you don't wanna say you don't believe because you kinda do.....
It sounds like a religious procrastination..... I'm lost!

My Reply:
There's a place in the Bible (Mark 9:21-24) where a man tells Jesus, "I believe! Please help me with my disbelief (or doubt)!"

The basics of Christianity is that it's not a "religion" for the sake of obtaining salvation, but a "Relationship" with God through His Son, Jesus Christ.

If you believe Jesus exists and acknowledge Him with your lips as Lord, then you're saved (Romans 10:9). But then you need to nurture your relationship with Him by praying, reading scripture, meeting with other Christians in worship...spending time with Jesus, not for the sake of "doing", but for the sake of "becoming" like Him.

A wise man once told me, "Don't be so focused on labels."  If you're not sure, pray and ask for help with your doubt.  You could start off by saying, "God, I'm confused..." and mention everything you typed in this question. Then keep your eyes open for His answers.

You could also ask for help in finding a church where you could freely worship Him with others who have prayed for the same opportunity.
---Pastor Andy