Making a Big Decision


I am currently at a community college which has very few people who have faith.  Everyone I've met parties...a lot...too much, they are out-of-control!  I am applying to a Christian college about 3 hours away…I am pretty excited!
I found my faith about a year ago and have accepted Christ as my savior who died for me on the cross. Before that, I planned to attend one of the state schools and major in Audiology. Now, my mom is not very happy with my decision at all, and doesn't want me to go to this Christian college. “It's too far away, etc.”  I feel bad.  She has done SO much for me growing up in an abusive home, and now I feel stuck.  I have prayed and been in the Word, and now I am asking advice...what should I do?  Should I leave my mom and go to this college majoring in Cross-Cultural Ministry...or should I go on and major in Audiology?
The real question here is what do I do?  Do I acknowledge my Mom's wishes, but go to Christian college, or do I do as she wants and go along with my other plans?

My Reply:
First, congratulations in your coming to Christ!
Second, that's a tough question to answer because we're commanded to respect and honor our parents. But then, you're not disrespecting her by going to the Christian college, especially if Jesus called you there.

Your relationship with Jesus is the most important element in your life.  If your current college is hindering your walk and relationship with Jesus, then I agree you should go to the Christian college.  Also, if you believe that Jesus has called you to serve in Cross-Cultural Ministry, then it's between you and Jesus about how you will respond to His call.

On that note, while staying where you are could be a ministry to your peers, I believe that for now, Christian training would be best.  Especially as a young Christian, Christian-peer support to help you keep from becoming influenced by the yeast of your current party-culture is a must.

Bottom line, I can't tell you what to do, for that's really up to you.  I personally would like to hear that you went into Cross-Cultural Ministry, but then maybe the Lord has other plans for you in Audiology.  But though I can't tell you outright what to do, I can tell you that in the Bible, whenever somebody who knew God had a major decision to make, he/she would consult the Lord for answers.  And when they got His answer, and obeyed that answer, they never failed or regretted their decision, and were always given a reason to give God praise.  So my suggestion to you would be to pray about it, with fasting if you need, asking Jesus what it is that He wants you to do.  And then when He answers (and He will), do that.

---Pastor Andy