What are some superstitions?

Please, list good and bad ones. Also, are there any specifically from medieval times that are nonexistent today? Have you had any real-life experiences with superstitions? What are your thoughts on the whole idea of them? Thank you.

My Reply:
You mean "stupid-stitions":
  1. "Step on a crack, break your mother's back."
  2. "Don't walk under a ladder" (like walking through a triangle, thought to be the devil's triangle.  This is weird though because a triangle actually symbolizes the Holy Trinity)
  3. "God helps those who help themselves" (many believe it as being Biblical, but it's actually taken from one of Greek Mythology tales of Aesop)
  4. I saw a movie once that showed earth being destroyed because somebody revealed God's name...but we all know God's name, and if anything, saying it won't destroy the world.
  5. "Bread & Butter" said when 2 people are separated by a pole or something...one person runs back around to follow on the same side as their companion saying "Bread & Butter" --Saw once on a Popeye cartoon.
  6. "Knock on wood"
  7. A rabbit's foot bringing good luck (Yet a rabbit has 4 of them, it the fact that you're holding one of them in your hand shows that it wasn't lucky for the rabbit)
  8. Breaking a mirror brings 7 years bad luck (actually, it'll probably just leave you with several days of bad looking hair, mismatching clothes, and a crooked beard, since you can't see what you're wearing, or shaving. And only a few days because by that time, you'd realize your need for a new one and go out and buy one).
  9. Basically anything that has to do with Karma
  10. The number 13 is bad luck (you'll notice some buildings don't have a 13th floor in their elevators. I mean, they do, but they count it as the 14th floor).  But you've got Friday the 13th taken from this, etc...Honestly, I realized the counter to that by remembering that the Apostle Paul was actually the 13th Apostle.
  11. Crossing the fingers will bring good luck, or cause things to happen.
  12. A 4-leaf clover brings good luck
  13. Bad Luck if a black cat crosses your path
  14. Lucky Socks
I had to look some of these up to remember them.  But check out this interesting website for some others that I didn't think of:
---Pastor Andy
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