Called to Seminary, But No Church For Endorsement


I have received a deep calling a few times to become a preaching Pastor recently.  The only problem is, I'm not a member of any church.
I left the Catholic Church seven years ago and have been attending services at New Creation Church and FCBC since then.  But since I don't actually belong to any churches, how can I get enrolled in theological courses with no endorsement from a church leader?

My Reply:
I had a situation like that, too. But I prayed about it. The Lord soon led me to a church that was looking for someone like me as I was looking for a church.  They endorsed me for seminary, and I was soon a full-time M.Div. student.
Pray about a seminary, and pray about how to get into it.  Do you think your current church would be willing to endorse you with the promise of doing your internship with them?  (They may even help finance your education)?

Always remember...if the Lord is calling you to ministry, then HE will provide everything needed to fulfill that calling.  
You do need to get into seminary (highly advised) if you're going to preach the Truth correctly, so pray for direction, and He'll make a way for you to go to Seminary.

---Pastor Andy G.