Feeling That God is Far Away

Question:  Do we sometimes feel God is far away, and forget that we serve a Christ who is not far off, but living in us?  In Christ we have personal and immediate access to the presence of God.  Do we forget that sometimes?

My Reply:
One of our greatest flaws is our emotions.  Actually, emotions aren't the flaw, but how we so strongly base our choices and beliefs on how we respond to them.  For they're great in many ways, but they're what make us feel like we're alone, even when we're not.  Playing on our emotions is also one of Satan's greatest weapons against us, for we make our decisions based on how we feel.
But you're right. We need to remember that we're not alone, even if we feel like we are.  For instance, sometimes I'll pray and won't feel the presence of God there.  But because of my faith, I know He's there. So I just talk anyway, regardless of how I feel (sort of like the "Footprints in the Sand" poem).

---Pastor Andy